I had a very interesting discussion with Board Members of Akhuwat along with Dr. Amjad Saqib. We discussed mostly about the mission of Akhuwat and I was impressed with the commitment of Akhuwat Board Members. I met a few borrowers in Akhuwat Shah Jamal Branch, these borrowers are very passionate about the services being rendered by Akhuwat. They were of the view that they have the same responsibility to contribute for the wellbeing of society as done by Akhuwat. Akhuwat is a very unique model!

Dr. D.S.K. RaoRegional Organizer - Asia Pacific Micro Credit Summit

Wish you every success in the future. In the words of Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan “You are building an island and Inshallah, this would multiply and one day become a movement”.

Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan
Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan Chairman - National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)

A pleasure to learn about Akhuwat. Best wishes for building brotherhood.

Roger NyeConsultant - Fincon Services

Value-based model at work! One would like to see it develop into a scalable one, able to sustain its core.

Faiz ShahAdvisor - Responsible Business Initiative

Akhuwat’s work is truly admirable and captures the essence of development.

Sara Saeed KhanConsultant - Pakistan Microfinance Network

Akhuwat is truly inspiring and an important reminder of what the microfinance sector can and should do for the disadvantaged people in the world.

Ms. Barbara ZadinaConsultant - Shore Bank

The Challenges are formidable and the resources are limited. Akhuwat is doing very good work.

Mr. Ishrat HussainEx-Governor - State Bank of Pakistan

Akhuwat has developed an impressive and unique approach for serving the community.

Mr. Bryan D. HuntPrinciple Officer - American Consulate Lahore

Akhuwat is already doing for conventional microfinance what Professor Yunus did for conventional banking in late 1970's.

Mr. Malcolm HarperChairman - Micro-Credit Ratings International Ltd

My first visit to Akhuwat has been most enlightening. The staff is professionally and extremely competent, as is their leader Amjad Saqib. I wish him success. The proof of Akhuwat’s success lies in the discussion with an employee of another microfinance institution who has come for a housing loan. Keep it up!

Rashid BajwaChief Executive Officer - National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)

An innovative and humane approach which is much needed with the current leadership and teamwork. This approach will spread like wild fire. With all my prayers to wish Akhuwat success.

Ayesha KhanMicrofinance Consultant

A different model! Can be replicated in many places. Honest and serious dedication is must however a challenge! no doubt.

Nasim SherinMicrofinance Advisor - Plan International

Innovation! Is inherent in your program I wish you very success!

Shahnaz Kapadia RahatChief Executive Officer - ECI Islamabad

I am highly impressed with Akhuwat model and would like replicate it in our area In sha Allah

Muhammad ZahoorFreelance Consultant

I am impressed with the commitment of Akhuwat staff. My best wishes for a strong “Akhuwat”.

Syed Mohsin Ahmed
Syed Mohsin AhmedGeneral Manager - Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN)

Very innovative and creative, my best wishes for the success of ‘Akhuwat’.

Roomi S. Hayat
Roomi S. HayatDirector HRM - National Rural Support Program (NRSP)

Extremely interesting to see a creative approach to microfinance.

Graham PerrettConsultant - Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)

Many thanks for your kind welcome. Your “cost-cutting” methodology is very inspiring for us. I hope to visit you again soon.

Eric DuflosMicrofinance Specialist - Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)

It was a pleasure to meet Dr Amjad and see great work being done by Akhuwat. It is a great idea and it is being executed with a lot of care and professionalism.

Sarah ZakaConsultant

Very very impressive and simple services without any showoff. God bless you “Akhuwat”. All my well wishes are with the team and if I can do anything it would be a great pleasure.

Saboohi JamshedNews Reporter/Producer - Pakistan Television (PTV)

May Allah give more “Barakah” in this cause. Amin.

Khobaib A Vahedy
Khobaib A VahedyCountry Director - Muslim Aid

Very interesting model and concept good luck in the future in both your program and work well in the sector.

Strauss AndrewIncome Growth Program Officer - DFID

Thank you! Very innovative! Looking forward to your future success.

Musharraf ZaidiGovernance Adviser

My visit to Akhuwat is very enlightening.

Masood GillProgram Manager - National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)

A very inspiring model of support and assistance to deserving people of this city. May it expand and grow!

Shehryar SarwarCivil Servant, Writer

I am overwhelmed. If ever I would join a philanthropic economic movement, this is the one. May Allah help you grow and serve even better.

M. M. Zulqarnain AamirRegistrar Cooperative Punjab.

I’m in awe. It’s a gratifying experience.

Zofeen T Ebrahim
Zofeen T EbrahimFreelance Journalist

A truly inspiring work and a thoroughly professional model!

Adnan QadirPhD Candidate

I do not know how to praise.

Mahmood MirzaAdvocate, Journalist, Writer

A highly competent Institution with a most impressive design and operation.

Thomas KrincILO Consultant

Very impressive. The programme is being implemented with missionary spirit.

Agha Ali Jawad
Agha Ali JawadGeneral Manager - National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)

I was impressed by Akhuwat’s Islamic microfinance project. It is very innovative & addresses several important issues in current microfinance in Pakistan. As we discussed, we would be prepared to contribute to your marketing efforts to make the programme widely known and recognized.

Piotr KorynskiProgramme Director - Open Society Institute (OSI) USA

What impressed me was that Akhuwat combined microfinance best practices with the deeply rooted cultural value that encourages people to support their needy brethren. I am hoping that one day I will have an opportunity to visit Akhuwat. I am sure many organizations in India can incorporate learning from Akhuwat.

Professor R. SrinivasanProfessor Finance & Control Area & Chairperson - Microfinance Group, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore India.

I think Akhuwat’s use of the mosque as a place to do socially relevant activities seems to be very innovative. While the Grameen replicators in India invoke God in their meetings through an oath in God’s name, you have taken the activity directly to the place of prayer. Therefore, it continues to be holy. I also quite liked your attitude towards the interest rates and service charges. One of the problems we face in charging low interest rates is that there is always scope for adverse usage and arbitrage. But as this activity is done in the presence of god I guess the possibility of misuse gets insulated. It would be great to do some documentation of your work. We should look for opportunities of collaborations and working together. It would be great if you could visit India some time. Let us look for some opportunity to keep in touch. I will be moving to Bangalore to work with Srinivasan for a year starting from June. I am sure there will be opportunities for us to collaborate.

Professor M. S. SriramIndian Institute of Management, Vastrapur, Ahmadabad, India

Akhuwat is one of the most innovative microfinance models. It is most cost effective because of the creative use of community infrastructure and voluntary spirit of the members in the community in which it operates. There is a need in the microfinance field to promote more models such as Akhuwat that effectively builds on the socio-economic and cultural uniqueness of the local community it is serving.

Gaama Hishigsuren, PhD
Gaama HishigsurenDirector Research and Development - Institute for Development Evaluation Assistance and Solutions, Georgia, USA

Akhuwat inspires in its entrepreneurial methodology of micro-credit delivery. The organization commendably demonstrates the simultaneous achievement of community based participation, respect for cultural beliefs and practices and excellence in   operational and financial performance. Akhuwat is a fine example of civil society at its best.

Ms. Leslie Barcus
Ms. Leslie BarcusPresident - Microfinance Management Institute, Washington DC